5 Creative Sources for Web Design Inspiration: Fuel Your Creativity

Fueling your creativity can be difficult and often, we can run out of inspiration to create something new. Designing your web page can be confusing. You’ll feel lost on where to start and if your design will appeal to a large market. You can take a step back and refresh yourself as you can take inspiration from other great and exciting web designs. We took all the best web design inspiration sources in order for you to have that dream website you’ve been aspiring for. Take a look below at the best creative web design sources we examined with a critical eye.

1. Abduzeedo

If you want to know the trends in web design, Abduzeedo is the perfect choice! You get to broaden the horizon of your inspiration by visiting and viewing their website. In each design, you get to know about photography, architecture, and UX. A detailed description of each design such as the author, design element, history, and approach is provided. It feels like you’re viewing an art piece every time you click a web design. Abduzeedo also has a fantastic tutorial page that is user-friendly. Create some special animation on your website by just following their guides. If you want to have the best experience in looking for a web design, look no further than Abduzeedo!

2. Awwwards

This is a web design gallery that has eye-catching designs. It has a very user-friendly interface that gives you a short preview of the web design that you find pleasing. Over 7,000 designs await you in Awwwards. You can create your own collection after you create a user profile on their website. With a personal collection, you can organize your ideas and even share them with your team.


Are you looking for the best design for your marketing website? Excellent focuses on sites that have advertisements or marketing. The website has over 13 million pages offering a wide variety of designs. You can filter the pages by traffic, industry, and device so that you can find the perfect web design. If you have an inbound marketing website,’s designs will align with many of your clients.

4. Behance

Behance has varied web designs and has a large community offering designs that are inspiring, creative, and unique. Find the best one suited to your taste. The Behance Discover page has an awesome interface where you can easily find the web design that you prefer. There are many filters available that will help you find the specific design that you want on your website. Behance is also excellent for those who are familiar with Adobe as they utilize Adobe tools in their web designs. If you want to find a distinctive design, Behance is at the top list of web design inspiration sources.

5. Flickr

Find your inspiration on Flickr! There is a lot to see on this website. You will find a variety of visuals on this site. If you need some images, Flickr has a public domain of photos that you can use on your website. They are 100% free and save you time looking for images that are free of cost.

Are you looking for web design ideas? Learn more by visiting this awesome website.

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