7 Proven Tactics to Increase Lead Generation Through Social Media

Social media platforms can be the life and blood of many businesses. With proper marketing techniques, one can generate numerous leads to social media.

The question that arises is, what are the social media lead-generation techniques?

The post below covers 7 social media lead-generation tactics that will ultimately scale up your business.

1. Use lead magnets

Lead generation involves prompting the prospect to submit the necessary information on your website or landing page. Without incentivizing the prospect, gathering such information is pretty difficult.

The best way to lure the prospect is to create a lead magnet. It can be an ebook, guide, checklist, or tutorial. The more valued the lead magnet, the higher the conversion rate for lead generation.

2. Generating inbound leads using testimonials

Sharing testimonials and social proof on social media is a great way to generate inbound leads. These establish the authority of your product or service, and therefore one can generate inbound leads by posting such testimonials regularly. The advantage of such leads is that you need not sell them. They are already convinced to buy your product or service because of the testimonials.

3. Use targeted ads:

Most social media platforms allow businesses to scale up by advertising their products or services. Not only that, you can control the demographics to whom the ads are displayed. Various control parameters are provided:

  • Age
  • Prospect’s Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Device type

With numerous search filtration parameters available, one can display ads to the target demographic, leading to a high conversion rate when it comes to lead generation.

4. Utilize social media sponsorships

Any business or service provider can sponsor the content of another YouTube channel or influencer whose target demographic is similar to yours. It allows you to leverage the reach of that channel to promote your products or services. Choose the right channel, and one can easily generate numerous leads through sponsorships. There are numerous advantages of sponsoring content rather than opting for paid ads:

Most viewers or followers of an influencer trust them. By sponsoring their content, they will be the ones who would promote your product or service, leading to higher trust and a higher conversion rate.

Social media platforms offer you targeting options when it comes to paid ads, but by sponsoring content, you can reach a specific audience that is not only interested in your products/services but extremely active on social media daily. This will skyrocket your conversion rate.

Thus, if you are serious about lead generation and want to gain super-targeted leads, ensure that you sponsor content from other relevant channels or influencers.

5. Host virtual events

Host webinars, podcasts, and interviews on various social media platforms to generate leads. These allow you to showcase your knowledge and establish authority. Once you establish authority, it is really easy to generate inbound leads. Sure enough, after the first virtual event, you won’t get lots of leads but keep going, and you’re likely to get an increasing number of leads with every virtual event.

6. Start & expand a newsletter

By generating content on social media, one can expand their following. Later on, the following can be harvested to generate email newsletter subscribers. Running such a newsletter will help you promote it to your email subscribers every week. Thus, you can certainly increase the conversion rate and customers of your business.

The email newsletter subscribers also double up as leads as long as your newsletter is relevant.

7. Run contests

One of the best ways to generate followers/subscribers on social media is to run a giveaway or a contest. Sure enough, you might have to spend some money, but the resultant expansion in following or reaching is enormous. Once your reach increases, you can thereafter use a lead magnet to generate leads for your business. You can also directly ask the participants of the contest to subscribe to your email newsletter to participate and the contest which once again helps you in generating numerous leads for your business or service.

Instead of just using one or two of these techniques to generate leads from social media, use multiple them, and you will be surprised by the number of leads you can generate through social media platforms.

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